What Is Google Tag Manager And How To Use It Effectively

May 7, 2015
Atul Rawat

The more relevant and useful your website becomes, the terrible it may really perform. This occurs mainly because your site seems to continuously add up tags to increase their functionality, optimization or tracking and hence terminates in crowing pages with third-party tags. As a result, your website performance also gradually slower abruptly in the Google search engine ranking. Due to this reason, a wonderful application known as Google tag manger arrives for tag management. Since, this solution is extremely welcomed by all the marketers.

In the past years, everything was completely controlled by the webmasters along with website tracking that was extremely technical since it needed dealing with log-files. Afterwards in the year 2005, Google has created the JavaScript method which is broadly found with Google analytics however it still need a technical integration by means of webmasters as it needs adding codes to your site.

Google Tag Manager

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a useful tool which consolidates your webpage tags with a specific snippet of code and makes you manage everything easily from your web-interface. By means of Google tag manger, you can easily add, update and edit your own tags by means of few clicks whenever you wish without rewriting the site code or bugging the IT people. This tool is accessible free and provides marketers with enhanced flexibility and hence permits webmasters to focus on other essential tasks.

How To Use Google Tag Manager Effectively

The Google tag manager works through its own container-tag which you put on your WebPages. However, the container tag easily replaces all other tags found on your site. The benefits offered Google tag manger are extremely high for all kinds of business irrespective of their size. You can update and add Google Adword Tags, DoubleClick Foodlight Tags, Google analytics tag, and several third-party tags straightly from Google Tag Manger rather than editing full side code. This in turn decreased errors and makes you free from getting webmaster as well as permits you to rapidly deploy tags for your website. You can make use of Google tag manager effectively to avail below informed advantages.

  • You can make use of Google tag manager installation process as a wonderful opportunity to measure your tagging stratagem for both correction and improvements.
  • Decrease the webpage load time by specifically firing the tags which are required for particular URLs or interactions or events and converting tags which are asynchronous
  • Increase the consistency and accuracy of tags
  • Boost up the visibility of which tags exits all over your site. You can also easily identify which tag is firing and where and hence offers the capability to turn-off the tags which are no-longer used.
  • Employ the permission hierarchy of tag manager to edit, allow specific user to view, others to view and publish.
  • Extend the possibilities of analytics data which you can gather by means of leveraging Google tag manger to create custom variables as well as other values inside your analytics tool.