Best Google Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 8, 2015
Atul Rawat

Due to the popularity of increased internet usage in day-to-day lives, most of the business owners prefer to have an excellent online presence for their business. However, a local business listing seems to be the effortless way to receive this kind of exposure. Since, these listings are known to be the results available in Google search engine if you were searching for the phrase or term that comprises of specific location like state or city. Local listings provide the business with massive exposure in their locality than ever before. Since, customer might come to know about the services offered by business, if it was placed in Google local listing.

Benefits of Google Local Listing

The massive benefit regarding Google local listing is that there is no necessity for having website for gaining online presence rather you can include your local business in Google local listing so that customer will know about your business very well. Since, websites are mainly available for marketing your business services or products whereas a local business listing will inform the potential clients about your business start-up. Many business owners are not well-known with the website maintenance and design features so they can prefer for Google local listing that offers extraordinary benefits to your business in terms of search results. This method of listing will offer the customer with your appropriate telephone number and address so that they can easily contact you in case of having interest in getting your services.

How Local Business Listings Improving the SEO Campaign

Local SEO

Expands The Business Visibility

Creating business listings provide you enhanced visibility online. After listing your local business in Google local listings you can also add specific details pertaining to your business in the listings, add videos and pictures, choose the suitable categories and hence pick up available features like map tags and coupons. This in turn provides your business with greater visibility and makes your page to stand top in the search results.

Providing Inbound Links

There are numerous local business directories available which will permit the website owners to insert a link to their own site. By aid of this link, the business owners can actually boost up their business ranking on search engine. Since, backlinks are widely preferred by search engines to evaluate the authority of your site.

Increases Website Traffic

By holding a part in local business directory and hence possessing a complete profile, you might have extraordinary opportunity to increase the rank of your page when people look for your business. When somebody searches for your location and business niche with specific keyword and your profile page is worthy then you can attain top position in the search results. as a result, your web traffic also get boost up.

Tips for Boosting Your Local Listings in Google

  • Work constantly to improve your listings. To achieve this, you need to include innovative photographs, create new content or anything else which seems to be highly interesting as well as new which you pull the attention of your targeted audience.
  • You can also faintly encourage reviews and testimonials regarding your business product or services through the users since this in turn paves way to increase your business credibility among other new shoppers
  • Be cautions regarding explicitly asking for reviews and testimonials or spending for testimonials. The testimonials and reviews must be natural to increase your local business SEO ranking.