Best Image Search Engine Optimization Tips

May 11, 2015
Atul Rawat

Images, being an essential asset for search engine optimization and organic search results are frequently overlooked. Images are capable of driving traffic via image search and addition in universal search results. There are typically various dimensions to optimizing image that deals with better placement in the search results, optimizing user experience and in few cases, optimization for easy sharing of images on social web. For image search engine optimization, it is helpful to consider optimizing the images like optimizing a small webpage within page. Things like anchor text, url structure and descriptive tagging are some aspects for optimizing the images for popular search engines, like regular webpages.

Image SEO

Name the images in plain English and descriptively

It is very simple to blast through number of product shots and keeping the default file name given by your camera. But, that is not a good practice. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is significant to use acceptable keywords to assist your webpage rank high on search engines. Making a keyword-rich, descriptive file names is certainly critical for image optimization. Search engines not merely crawl the text on webpage; rather they also explore keywords within the image file names. A good practice would be to look at the website analytics and checking what phrasing patterns customers can use to carry out the searches. Find out the very common naming patterns used by them and implement that formula to the image naming process.

Use right images

Choosing the right type of image is highly important. Best images can include another dimension to a page or an article that could encourage people to develop some great backlinks and share the page. You can also make use of google images to choose images for your website.

Consider optimizing the alt tags brilliantly

Alt tags are regarded as a text alternative to images while a browser cannot properly deliver them. Even if the image is delivered, when you hover over it using mouse pointer, you can find the alt tag text made for that image. The alt attribute greatly adds SEO value to your site. Including proper alt tags to images on the website can make your website obtain better rankings in search engines by integrating keyword with images. Employing alt tags is certainly the best way for ecommerce products to be shown up on the web search and in google image.

Utilize keywords in file name

Similar to how keywords in the post urls are significant for pages, the same applies to images. Employing keyword-rich words in the image filename is essential for making search engine decide the relevancy. It has been suggested by google that you must place images in single folder on your website rather than placing them in the random folders on the website. The other suggestion from google regarding URLs of images or file names is making sure of utilizing common image filetypes like GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG.